Machine Ethics


A Tutorial for Prospective Researchers at IJCAI 2024

Machine ethics is a multi-disciplinary effort focused on enabling ethical behavior from machines towards people and (in a sense) towards other machines. This tutorial aims to present the state of the art in machine ethics, helping researchers enter this field or reflect critically on the ethical dimensions of their own work.

Duration: Half a day, divided into two 1:45h slots, at Day 2 – for more information, check here..


  1. Introduction to the research problems of machine ethics, its history and what do different disciplines study

  2. On ethically relevant informationnformation.

  3. Incorporating ethics in operation; state of the art, approaches, methods, implementations

  4. Ensuring ethical behaviour

  5. Current and future trends of machine ethics research. Resources and challenges.

Target Audience:

Researchers at all levels with a basic graduate-level understanding of artificial intelligence, interested in engaging with machine ethics research.


  • Marija Slavkovik is full professor at the University of Bergen in Norway. Her area of research is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with expertese in collective reasoning. Slavkovik is active in the AI subdisciplines of: multi-agent systems, machine ethics and computational social choice. She has been doing research in machine ethics since 2012, in particular on formalising ethical decision-making.
  • Louise Dennis is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester. She has world-leading expertise in agent programming languages, including explainability for agent programming, the development and verification of autonomous systems and the implementation of ethical reasoning and has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers on verification and autonomy, including key contributions on robot morality/ethics.
  • Kevin Baum is a Senior Researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and head of the Center for European Research for Trusted AI (CERTAIN). Kevin is a philosopher and computer scientist with extensive teaching experience in computer ethics (see Ethics for Nerds). His area of research is the interdisciplinary research in trustworthy AI topics, especially regarding the connection of explainability with responsibility and human oversight. Kevin has also conducted research in the area of machine ethics since 2018.

Contact: For more details about the tutorial, please contact Marija or Kevin.

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